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Friday, 30 December 2011

Review on how to eat sushi and sashimi

Last night we went to the end of year party (Bonenkai) at one of the best fish restaurants in Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. It was really the best in the world!! Sashimi, raw fish slice, was very oily and rich flavour and there was a huge grilled sea bream as well. Here I want to review the concept of raw fish eating in the West. Sushi and sashimi are now known as healthy and low calorie food, and I have seen many women eat them quite often in lunch. Traditionally Japanese eat fresh raw fish at the special occasions such as celebrations or anniversay, although the frequencies increased last 100 year or so. It had been considered as a luxury meal (probably not so much anymore), and actually the secret of Japanese longevity is among simple home cooking which doesn't include raw fish as a everyday food. Yes, eating raw fish can achive low calorie diet - a single portion of sashimi is around 300 to 600 calories -, and also contains many beneficial nutrients such as essential fatty acids (omega-3). However we must know about the risk of bacterial infection. Try purchase from trusted shops and eat the vegetable side portion as well. There is a reason why thinly stripped white radish is accompanied, as it can kill the bacteria. If you prepare raw fish at home, then you should freeze them for at least 2 days before use them (defrosted). Also if you feel unwell, do not eat sushi or sashimi as your immune system might be weaken and can be more susceptible to infection. You are advised not to eat raw fish when you are pregnant as well.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas for everyone!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays. I had a early Christmas dinner this year and already opened all my presents! Thank you Diana, Haroob, Hamza and Zelia. I will be off to Japan soon for a New Year, and will post some photos of Japanese festive season. For them, New Year is like a Christmas, a family day. Stay healthy and beautiful for next year!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Winter nourishment with Hydrating Oil Capsule

How is your skin coping with this cold weather? Are you experiencing extra dryness and dullness? The pressure of maintaining perfect look is increasing when the party season goes on. I would recommend a proper daily care so that we don't have to panick before the big day, but the reality is not always like that. Environ has this lovely pick me up product and gives a great booster treatment. It can be used as an intensive care by using every day for a month, or used as a special care a night before the party. Its anti-oxidant ingredients such as vitamin A, C, E and green tea extract energise and hydrate, its rosemary leaf extract for a lifting, and lastly amazing beta-sitosterol is for skin cells' immune support. It comes as individual oil capsule, so when you open it is always fresh. Use on top of the facial cream before going to bed, and don't forget to cover your neck as well.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Home made Fermented Foods are good for you!

The other day I visited a lovely little shop called Objects for Use in Shorditch, London and found a great pot to make fermented foods. The picture is a black pot but there are other colours as well. It is from Germany and originally sold as a sauerkraut maker, but according to the shop owner Momoko, we can make anything with it from vegetable pickles, miso to kimchi. Fermented foods have been around from ancient times in all over the world, and they were one of the important food reserves in the winter. With an introduction of the fridge and food preserving techniques we seemed to forget thier significance, but they are very good for us! Generally fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that optimise our intestinal environment. More friendly bacteria meaning less harmful bacteria, leading to build stronger immune system and better digestion & absorption. Moreover they tend to contain active enzymes that helps to break down protein and assist the digestion. Thus Miso and Natto, Japanese fermented soya bean foods, are much easier to digest than simply cooked beans. Also it is much better to make your own sauerkraut as the most of them sold in the shop are pasteurised, so there is no beneficial bacteria left in the products. Anybody know about kimchi sold in the shop? - I would imagine it may be pasteurised too... In terms of miso, you can buy unpasteurised miso from a company called Clearspring.

先日、イーストロンドン、ショーディッチ地区にあるObjects for Useというかわいいお店に伺った時に素敵な発酵食品用のポットを発見したので紹介します。写真は黒ですが、他の色もありました。ドイツ製でザワークラウトを作るポットとして売られているのですが、店主の桃子さんによると、お漬物、味噌やキムチなども作れるそうです。発酵食品は昔から世界各地の家庭で冬の常備食として作られてきましたが、冷蔵庫の普及や食品保存の技術の発達に伴い重要性が忘れ去られてしまった感じです。でも、すごく体にいいものなんです。といっても、伝統的日本食は発酵食品の宝庫で現在でも普段の食卓によく出てきますけどね。発酵食品には善玉菌が含まれていますので、腸内環境を整えます。悪玉菌を減らし、善玉菌を増やすと消化を助けたり、腸内細胞のサポートをするだけではなく、体全体の免疫系も強化します。また酵素も豊富で消化しにくいたんぱく質などの消化を助けます。煮豆よりも味噌や納豆という形で大豆を食べたほうが消化がいいのはこのためですね。またお店で売られているザワークラウトも大抵は殺菌されたものですので、残念ながら善玉菌はほとんど入っていないと考えていいでしょう。味噌は殺菌されていないものを選んで買えば大丈夫です。キムチのことは、わかりませんが、市販されているものはやはり殺菌されているのでしょうか。やっぱり家庭で手作りが一番信用できますね。

Monday, 5 December 2011

Royka Holiday Notice & Winter Special Offer

Royka will be closed on 28th & 30th Dec 2010 and 4th & 6th Jan 2011. I am sorry if this causes your incovenience. I will come back with a little souvenir from Japan for those who visit Royka in Jan 2012!

Please do spread the word of winter special offer too (ending at the last day of Jan 2012):
  • Free 15 mins neck & shoulder massage for Environ facial (any duration).
  • Therapeutic body massage for 25% off.




Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Food to focus - Beets

The beets are often being sold as beetroots (leaves are removed), but whenever possible, we should appreciate the nutritional contents of beet leaves as well. They have a similar taste to chard but more bitter, and are higher in nutritional value - richer in calcium, iron and vitamin A & C. Beetroots are also good for us though, as an excelent source of folic acid, manganese and potassium. Both beet leaves and beetroots are good source of magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B6. Because of iron and magnesium contents, both leaves and roots are known to support the blood cell production. All women need this as we lose the blood via menstrual cycles, pregnancy etc. Also in Chinese medicine, rich blood supply is one of the key factors for the fertility (although I am not expert in this!). Moreover there is powerful anti-oxidant called betacyanin, responsible for its dark red-purple colour. This nutrient is thought to boost the liver's detoxidication process thus act as an anti-cancer. Together with beets' high fibre content, it is known to support aginst colon cancer. It is truely a super food isn't it?

Beet leaves are typically prepared by steaming but make sure to cook lightly to retain its nutrients. Alternatively it can replace lettuce in salad, eaten by law (if you like bitter taste). Beetroots' beautiful colour is often lost in cooking, but adding acidic ingredients such as lemon juice or vinegar can preserve some colour. Beet juice is also an easy and delicious way to start as well.



Beetroots have a high sugar content thus deliciously eaten raw, but more typically cooked or pickled.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Partick Holford uses Environ products

I recieved a newsletter from a renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford yesterday that reveals he is a regular user of Environ products. He recommends a short (stated as 15 mins) sun exposure especially in the winter month to get an adequate vitamin D, which can be formed in the skin. However to minimise the sun damage to the skin, he also uses AVST cream and RAD by concluding that only sunlight damages the skin when vitamin A is depleted. Well, we are on the right track!


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Peeling treatment - good or bad?

Peeling or exfoliation treatments are popular salon facial or home care. Many cosmetic companies claim that it improves skin conditions by smoothing the surface, tightening the open pores, reducing the pigmentation and fine wrinkles. Yes it does, but I also come across with many clients who had bad experiences with strong exfoliations. Very gentle exfoliation for home care is no need to worry about, but the problem may occur with a mild to stronger chemical peel type products and treatments if they are used inappropriately. Surprisingly there are quite few products around (especially some Doctor's cosmetic ranges) which can be a bit harsh for your skin. We can get lovely immediate effects, and it was in fact praised from ancient times like peeling skin with cirtus fruit acids, but side-effect can be an increased UV damage leading to every ageing signs on the planet. The horny layer in the skin surface is there for the reason, acting as a protector and UV blocker. The skin types that the correct method of peeling is need are acne and rough skin due to sun damage. Also very fine wrinkles and superficial (new) pigmentation can be responded well to light peeling treatments. Anyhow, supporting skin cells' turnover cycle by a topical application of vitamin A can also do a good job - as there won't be a need of peeling because skin metabolism is in a healthy way.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Shojin Ryori by Mari Fujii

Last week I attended the event presented by Japan Embassy about Shojin Ryori cooking. The teacher was Mari Fujii who is doing Shojin Ryori (vegetarian cooking from Japanese Buddhist temples) classes for more than 20 years in Kamakura, Japan. I know Mari and event organisers Atsuko and Elsa, and attended their events in the past, but this was one of the best ones by them. It was really imformative but very warm talk and occasional funny moment as well. Difference between vegetarian and Shojin Ryori would be many, but something I picked up are:
  • No garlic or onion - Something can be smelly, because it may be a little offensive for other monks. They are living and working together 24 hours.
  • Cooking is also Buddhist practice - When you cook, no matter what condition you are in, think about other people (or you, if you are cookin for one) who are eating your food. Take care and spend a good time to prepare, like cooking for your child with love.
  • Don't forget the funny moment - Mock food (modoki in Japanese) were created to please monks who had a hard working day. Their meals are vegetable base but they may feel like eating meat or fish. Modoki meals are using vegerarian ingredients but making them look alike meat or fish dish. It gives smile in monks' faces.
Well done, Mari, Atsuko and Elsa (and Elsa's mum who came to help from Paris)!! If you are vegetarian already and want to try something new, Shojin Ryori can be a good choice. Mari has a book published in English. You can also learn about it with Atsuko's cookery classes.

  • においの強い野菜、例えばにんにくとかたまねぎは使わない。これは集団生活をしているお坊さんのエチケットだそうです。
  • 調理も修行のうち。お料理をするときは、どんなに疲れていてもいらいらしていても、食べてくれる相手(一人のときは自分)のことを考えて作る。自分の子供に愛情をかけるように。
  • 笑いを忘れない。普段野菜穀物ベースのお坊さんでも、疲れた労働の後には肉や魚が食べたくなるかもしれません。野菜を使って肉・魚料理もどき(見た目が似ている)を作ったら、きっとお坊さんの顔にも笑顔が浮かんでくるでしょう。

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Add a little spice to your life - Black Pepper

Today I saw a lovely graphic of culinary spices in the magazine and wanted to share with you. It may be too small to see the detail but is an Indian spice math table. Probably we pay more attention to our three major food groups (carbohydrate, protein, fat) and micronutrients such as vitamin and minerals, but knowing what spices do for our body would provide an extra pleasure of dinings. If I start reviewing everything it would take a whole year!, but let's look at one of the most common spices - black pepper.

Originated in India, the black peper has been highly prized since ancient times and in the old days they were even used as a currency. Its well known health benefits include digestive support such as increasing stomach acid secretion by stimulating the taste buds, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties. The black pepper contains the health promoting compound called piperine and its functions are increasing absorption of selenium, B vitamins and beta-carotene, supporting the body's natural thermogenic activies and enhancing the liver's detoxification. Thus it is great for people with weaker digestion, cold body temperature and sluggish detox capacity.

Black pepper is best ground over food or add at the end of cooking, since its aromatic oil is lost if heated for too long. Try not to use already grounded black pepper, buy a nice mill with whole pepper corns.




Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Supplement or Food? - In a case of Broccoli

We have talked about the broccoli before (see my 6th Oct 2010 entry) and its powerful anti-cancer components. I was checking last week's Patrick Holford's newsletter today and read about its bio-availability (how much actually being absorbed in the body) of anti-cancer nutrients from Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, their cancer-fighting chemicals are not easily absorbed in the pill form. Also enzymes also contained in those vegetables helps to breakdown and utilise these anti-cancert nutrients, thus eating actual vegetables are actually better - if you consider about those nutrients. However some nutrients such as folic acid is better absorbed in the supplement form. This will teach us that supplement is literally only supplemeting a healthy daily diet. Taking supplements shouldn't complete the healthy eating...!

ブロッコリーが癌を予防してくれる栄養素を含んでいると以前ブログに書きましたが(2011年10月6日のエントリーです)、今日イギリスの有名な栄養士Patrick Holfordが送ってくるニュースレターにもこのことが書かれていて、さらに読んでいて気付いたことがあったので、お知らせします。ブロッコリーやキャベツなどのアブラナ科の野菜に含まれているがん予防に有効な栄養素は、実はサプリなどのピルの形体にするのが難しく、また効率的に体内に吸収されにくいとのことです。さらに、野菜に含まれている酵素がこれらがん予防栄養素を体内で分解してくれるので、野菜そのまま食べたほうが効果は期待できるとのことです。中には葉酸のように食べ物よりもサプリからのほうが体内での吸収が良いものもありますが、やはりサプリメントは補完する手段にとどめておいたほうがいいですね。普段の食事を基本に、その上でサプリを加えていくのが理想です。

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An essence of life - Colostrum

Reduced amount of growth hormone secretion with increasing age is one of the reasons for ageing, but at least we can supplement a support to the activities of growth hormone topically and orally - thank you for Dr. Emile Aucamp, a developer of Environ colostrum products. Colostum is the first milk produced by all mammals and it is essential for early life that the most new-born deprived of colostum will die. It is an essence of life. The composition of colostrum is very complex that it is impossible to be manufactured. They use bovine colostrum because its structures are virtually identical to human counterpart. There are numerous scientific evidences in health benefits including immune support and healing property, thus to help the body to fight against diseases and heal damaged body tissues. For the beauty purposes, colostrum gel promotes growth factors to thicken skin (that mature skin is thinner and lack of plumpness), promotes collagen production, support immune system, heal damaged tissue and give anti-oxidant protection. For an oral colostum capsule, the list goes on from general health and skin support, chronic fatigue syndrome to multiple sclerosis. Both gel and capsule are recommended for anyone over 30 years old for general anti-ageing, especially after menopause with reduced protection of oestrogen. Also it is great for the active acne (for any age) because of its immune support, that will help fighting against bacterial activities.


Beauty sleep

Amazing how much I can sleep here in the beautiful country-side of Sweden. If nothing disturbs me, I can easily sleep all day! We need a good amount of beauty sleep to keep our youthfulness, but what is happening in the body? Deep sleep triggers the release of Growth Hormone (GH) from our pituitary gland, which encourages the growth and repair of all the body cells. Thus for our anti-ageing purposes, GH will be a guard not to get cells damaged, and keeping the skin as much as it used to be or even better with its healing property. As you know GH to make the human body grow in the childhood, but this hormone is still secreted during the adulthood. Unfortunately the amount is falling with the increasing age, and that can be one of the reasons for a loss of muscular tissue and increased risk of heart disease. We should priorities our sleeping time over anything else!

自然に囲まれて時間を気にすることなく生活してみると、自分でも驚く程長時間寝てしまいます。休暇の醍醐味ですね。ビューティースリープは美肌に重要なことは周知の事実ですが、実際からだの中で何が起こっているのでしょう。深い眠りは成長ホルモンの生成と分泌を促します。成長ホルモンは子供のからだを成長させるだけではなく、大人になってからも分泌されていて、細胞の新陳代謝やダメージを修復したりしているため、 アンチエージングに関しても重要なプレイヤーです。健康面でも成長ホルモンの低下により筋肉が落ちてきたり、また心臓病のリスクにもなる可能性があります。今日からあなたの睡眠の時間と質を向上させるための努力を最優先にしてみてください。

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn harvest - Mushroom picking in Sweden

We went to a mushroom picking yesterday in the forest and enjoyed the lovely autumn harvest at our dinner table. What a treat! Great thing was that our friends were great chefs and they cooked very tasty mushroom bruschetta as a starter. I am staying this week at friends' house near the beautiful lake in Sweden, only 40 mins away from the central Stockholm. It is amazing to have a nature so close to you. We picked lots of chanterelle (Cantharéllus tubæfórmis) and black trumpet (Crateréllus cornucopioídes), cleaned with a special mushroom brush then cooked some fresh ones for a dinner. Left of them are being dried for next 3 days, which will intensified the flavour a bit more. It is very common to do mushroom picking for Swedish people, there is a 24 hours mushroom hotline if you have mistakenly picked and eaten poisonous ones, the number is 08-331231.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Collagen Stimulation Therapy AKA dermal rolling

There are rumours about micro-needling or dermal rolling recently but it seems to be long waiting list according to my clients who tried to book their appointments. It is good news that I am starting this treatment from Feb 2012 as well. Until I can talk about it more, see this review here. Environ version is called CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy).

ダーマローラーなどで知られるマイクロニードルのトリートメントが噂になっています。肌の再生力を最大に発揮して、肌を改造していくパワフルなフェイシャルですが、まだまだロンドンでも施術しているサロンが少ないため数ヶ月待ちもざらだそうです。私の顧客の方々も中々予約が取れないと言っていました。実は私も来年2月から取り入れる予定ですが、詳しいことはまた追ってお知らせ致します。エンビロンでは、CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy)と呼んでいます。実はエンビロンの創設者ドクターフェルナンデスがマイクロニードルトリートメントの第一人者の1人です

Monday, 10 October 2011

Effect of chronic stress

It is unavoidable to feel some degree of stress in everyday life, but we are experiencing more chronic stress than ever compared to our ancestors. A dramatic change of life style in modern era gave us lots of benefit but also numerous side-effects, and among them is chronic stress. Cave men never had to deal with chronic stress so often, instead they only had short term stress to avoid the danger such as running away from the animals. Short term stress can increase the physical and mental performance but not much negative impact on the body as the level of stress hormone come down shorlty after. Our bodies actually haven't been changed much and the evolution is not chatching up to deal with issues associated to modern times. Many adult onset diseases can be said that chronic stress is one of the causes, and the tendency had been increased since the industorial revolution. Prolonged stress (and chronically elevated stress hormones) has an impact on our nervous and endocrine systems directly, and it leads to increased inflammation, reduced immune defense, make blood sugar level unbalanced and disturb healhty hormone balance. It is no good for our skin as well, by unbalancing a whole system - thus it could lead to sudden sensitive conditions, eczema, acne and congestion with increased sebum secretions & bacterial activities, dryness and lastly accelerated skin cell ageing. If you tend to plan busy schedule constantly, try reducing one thing a day. High achievement may be your life goal but I am sure you don't want to look older than your biological age! You can find relaxation tips in many books and media, but I will also talk about that sometime in the future too. Let's priotise the stress management in our everyday life.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Food to focus - Broccoli

Broccoli is low in calories but one of the most nutrient-dense foods such as vitamin C, K, A, folic acid and anti-oxidant lutein. Among those, its notable health highlight has to be indole-3-carbinol and sulphoraphane which are known to exert remarkable anticancer effects, particulary in breast cancer. They increase the excretion of the form of oestrogen (2-hydroxyestrone) linked to breast cancer. Not only for this, but oestorogen dominant is one of the major factors for many hormone related issues, so eating broccoli may help to correct a balance of oestrogen and other sex hormones. Also our skin health is quite influenced by hormone balance and it is important to monitor for our beauty aspect too. Another known property is a liver tonic that promotes detoxification process. We should rank broccoli high for their amazing health promoting nutrients! In terms of anticancer property of broccoli, scientists did find that their protective compounds are found much more in broccoli sprouts. So try broccoli sprouts as well.


Royka Holiday Notice

I am away last week of Oct, and salon will be closed on 26th (Wed) and 28th (Fri) Oct. Sorry for your incovenience. If you need any products, please let me know by 14th Oct so that I can arragne home/ office delivery. Please remember that I do Environ product delivery without delivery charge (if it is UK address), with an initial and follow consultations.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Oil soluble vitamin C ?

Vitamin C is a popular cosmetic ingredient and known to reduce pigmentation, fine lines and strengthen capillary walls (hence reduce redness) and also promote general anti-ageing. It is one of the powerful anti-oxidants that is needed to support skin cells' DNA health, along with vitamin A. While vitamin C and other anti-oxidant agents are minimising the amount of oxidants, vitamin A can directly work on DNA support. This vitamin C however, is a bit tricky ingredient. It naturally occurs as water soluble and unstable by oxidising quickly, but Environ found the solution for us! They state that vitamin C's natural form, ascorbic acid is best preserved as a dry powder and also a use of oil soluble vitamin C called ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate. They have an excellent stability compared to any other forms, as well as good penetration rate through lipid layer of cell membrane. According to the Environ laboratory team, there are not many cosmetic companies employing this oil soluble vitamin C, thus it can be said that Environ's AVST cream, C-Boost and Masque Citrique are ahead in the cosmetic science. Former two contain oil soluble vitamin C and latter one with a dry powder format.

ビタミンCは美白に効くとよく知られていますが、その他にも小じわ改善などのアンチエージングにも、または毛細血管壁を強くして赤ら顔を改善したりします。とても重要な抗酸化成分なので、今現在これらの問題に悩まされていなくても、予防も兼ねて普段のお手入れに取り入れるのもいいかと思います。ビタミンCを始めその他の抗酸化成分で酸化物質の量を抑え、ビタミンAで細胞内のDNAの働きをサポートするのが、基本のスキンケアです。ところがこのビタミンC、水溶性なのでやっかいなことに酸化しやすく安定した状態で長時間保存できません。従って、コスメとして本当に効果に出る方法を突き詰める必要があります。幸いエンビロンのラボはこれを解消してくれました。彼らの研究の結果、自然界にあるそのままの形でのビタミンCをascorbic acidをして保存するにはドライパウダーとして、その他は油溶性のascorbyl tetraisopalmitateとして原材料に含むべきだとの結論が出ました。現時点でこの油溶性ビタミンCを採用しているコスメブランドはまだ数少ないそうです。 AVST creamやC-Boostには、この油溶性のビタミンCが、またMasque Citriqueはドライパウダーを使用しています。このビタミンC、油溶性ということは安定しているだけでなく、細胞膜の浸透にも優れているので吸収されやすく、他のコスメ商品から一歩も二歩も進んでいると言えるでしょう。

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kicking one of the habits - Sugar

Well, something to start. Let's tackle the most difficult one to deal with - sugar. If you particularly have a sweet tooth, you may have some sort of withdrawn syndrome. We can be addicted to sugar, but it can also be said that it will improve your health and skin complex dramatically with no sugar diet. This 'sugar', I mean, is simple carbohydrate which has high glyceamic load measurement - opposing to complex carbohydrate. As you know, carbohydrate is broken down into sugar that is used as a primary energy source in our body, circulated by the blood. So, of course, it is an essential nutrient but the important point is that we need to reduce the breakdown & release time of sugar from carbohydrate. Slower release with eating complex carbohydrate will give you a stable energy supply and won't upset your body with sudden blood sugar surge.We all know that unbalanced sugar level in the blood could cause diabetes, but is that all? Excess and rapid sugar release due to a consumption of too much simple carbohydrate could cause many problems...such as immune system supression, upsetting digestive system, worsening inflammation and causing sudden energy drop/ fatigue. Do you agree these would be root causes of many health and skin problems? Let's cut down your sweets and replace simple carbohydrate with complex ones today. Anything white and fluffy ones are suspicious for simple carbohydrate if you are not sure what to buy in the shop, and be aware that many prepared foods could contain lots of sugar that you wouldn't imagine adding to your dish. Also stay away from non-sugar products because they often contain E additives to add sweet flavour.


Sunday, 11 September 2011

A theory of Ageing

There are many theories of ageing, but one of the most talked about and important ones is related to free radicals and oxidative damage, originally proposed by Denham Harman. Free radical is a molecule that is missing an electron in its outer orbit. They cause damage to other molecules by stealing their electron to complete missing electrons. We talked about an importance of skin cells' DNA health before, but this free radical is a major culprit to cause damage in DNA. However this is only the beginning. Free radicals actually exist for a nanosecond and they do only little direct damage to cellular molecules including DNA. What causes the most damage is the inflammation initiated by free radicals' attack. We must focus on anti-inflammatory therapy for our skin as well as minimising free radical attack with anti-oxidant therapy. By doing that, we can also prevent future illnesses. Excessive and chronic inflammation could lead to many adult onset diseases as well.

加齢の学説はいろいろありますが、良く聞く、既に定説となっているものにフリーラジカルや酸化ストレスによる老化というものがあります。Denham Harmanという理学博士が提唱したものです。フリーラジカルは電子軌道にある電子の一つが通常より(安定している状態)も1つ足りない状態の分子で、自分を安定した状態にするために他の分子から電子を1つ盗み出します。それによって他の健康な分子が不安定になり、ダメージを与えられてしまうことになっていまいます。肌細胞内のDNAが肌状態を左右している重要な要素だと以前お話ししましたが、この連鎖反応によってDNAも傷つけられてしまいます。しかし、実はフリーラジカルによって起る酸化ストレスの直接的なダメージというのは、そんなに大きいものではないと言えます。なぜなら分子がフリーラジカルという状態になっているのは、ほんの一瞬だからです。酸化ストレス後、じわじわとダメージを与えていくのは、その後に始まる炎症のせいです。美肌の為に重要なのは、抗酸化セラピーでフリーラジカルに立ち向かうだけでなく、抗炎症セラピーもしてあげること。それによって、実は大人になってから発生する習慣病などを防ぐこともできるでしょう。慢性的で過度な炎症は万病のもとと言われています。なぜ体がそういう状態になってしまうのかというのは、本当にたくさんの理由があるのですが。

Monday, 5 September 2011

Model Miranda Kerr's love for coconut oil

Model Miranda Kerr's love for coconut oil has been revealed. See the latest Vogue.com here. Coconut oil is contained in Environ's AVST Vitamin A, C, & E Body Oil and AVST Pre-Cleanse Oil (previously known as Aquatrol).

"Coconut oil and its derivatives have fantastic natural emollient and moisturising properties," says Faye Layton-McCann from iiaa. "These help the skin to retain water and in a cleansing product, help to soften and clear congested pores and emulsify make-up."

Those products are also reviewed here.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

How much organic do you want?

Of course it is better to eat everything organic in terms of pesticides contents, nutritional values and tastes, but how much can we achieve that? I have extracted top 46 dirty foods from the book called The encyclopaedia of healing foods written by renowned authors Dr Murray and Dr Pizzorno. We cannot alwasy buy organic ingredients because of their availabilities or financial issues, but if you have this list in your bag, you can at least avoid the worst case.

The most contaminated vegetables & fruits when they are not sold as organic - in decending order

Peaches, strawberries, apples, spinach, nectarines, celery, pears, cherries, potatoes, sweet bell peppers, raspberries, grapes, carrots, green beans, hot peppers, oranges, apricots, cucumbers, tomatoes, collard greens, turnip greens, honeydrew melons, lettuce, kale, mushrooms, cantaloupe melon, sweet potatoes, grapefruit, winter squash, blueberries, watermelon, plums, tangerines, cabbage, papaya, kiwi, bananas, broccoli, onoins, asparagus, sweet peas, mango, cauliflower, pienapples, avocado, sweet corn.

もちろん有機の野菜や果物を食卓に並べるのが理想ですが、いつでもそう出来るわけではありません。有機のものが市場に出回っていないかもしれませんし、金銭的な事情もあるかもしれません。イギリスの調査では、何と子供が生まれてから有機食品を買う機会が減った家庭が増えているとの結果が出ています。普通は体を気遣ってそれらを買う機会が増えるのでは思いきや、金銭的な面が影響をもたらしているのがわかります。そんな時にもし店頭などで選択がある場合に正しく優先順位をつけられるように、農薬の量が多いとの検査結果のある野菜や果物を順に並べました。これで最悪の事態だけは避ける事が出来ます。The encyclopaedia of healing foodsという英語の本からの抜粋なので、聞きなれない野菜・果物も入っているかと思いますが、リストは上の英語表記の通りです。上から順に汚染が高いものです。

Sunday, 21 August 2011

RAD - innovative sun protection

Environ skin care's sun protection RAD has SPF 15, but it actually exerts higher protection than that. Its inclusion of anti-oxidant nutrients is a big difference to other products. SPFs, UV absorbent additives, are essential ingredients but they could be a little irritant because they are not 'natural' to the skin. This is why some sensitive skin persons have reactions to high SPF creams. While anti-oxidatns are a relatively new concept in protecting the skin from damages by UV rays, vitamin export Environ has this amazing product. Imagine colourful fruits and vegetables. Their colours are full of anti-oxidant nutrients to protect themselves from UV rays. We can do the same to our skin. RAD contains both UV-A and B filters plus vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. I cannot say how much protection we can expect described by SPF figures because it is only applied to UV absorbent, but the Environ trainer suggested somewhere closer to SPF 30. Thus it is recommended to everyone including children who need a high protection during holidays but with less irritating formula.


Sunlight as a friend

Sunlight is not only do harm to our skin but it is essential for our health, if in moderate amount. We know all this but I just want to recap about that... It is well known that a lack of sunlight could cause depression, so called seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight is believed to affect the cognitive function of the brain by regulating serotonin and melatonin hormones. Also it is essential for the formation of vitamin D, that prevents softening of the bones and anti-cancer property. In some natural approach to cancer care, practitioners may recommend vitamin D supplement too. However excess exposure to UV rays is not a good idea. In fact, it could destroy vitamin D as well as affecting skin conditions. We only need minimum 20 minutes of sunlight exposure a day, that is a enough amount for our health. So, do not stay in all day to avoid the sun because of your beauty tactics! Wearing a sun protection and having a normal day (in and out) would give a good amount of sunlight.


UV as a skin enemy

Do you wear a sun protection all year around? That is great. We do need a protection any time and any day. The sun, as you know, irradiates numerous types of waves but most of which are absorbed (in a different degree) by the ozone layer. Our famous enemy UV-A and UV-B rays are not completely absorbed by the ozone layer and directly affect our skin. To make a quick summary of their functions is that they produce free radicals which causes photo-ageing the skin. UV rays attack atoms like billiard to create free electrons, that is why the skin cells become unstable and start behaving differently. Photo-ageing is our typical ageing signs such as wrinkling, laxity, irregular pigmentation but also conditions like dryness and roughness, sallow skin with damaged capillaries, solar comedones (black heads in the oily areas) and solar keratoses (sun spots). It is important to wear sun protection even in the cloudy winter days, because UV-A has a longer wave than UV-B and can penetrate into deeper layer of the skin - leading to DNA damage in the dermis. The amount we get is almost the same all year around because it is poorly absorbed by ozone layer. UV-B makes your skin tan (thus the amount is higher in the summer) but UV-A is there all the time! Be aware!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

To be naturally healthy

I admire people who are effortlessly beautiful, and they are often naturally healthy. Being healthy is a very importnat key for our complexions and looks, but what about so called 'health obsessed'? Many roles and restrictions in diet and lifestyle can lessen the positive outcomes, because of their high stress level. It can be shown in skin conditions and facial expressions. Ok, you do not need to be that kind of person but trying too many changes in your life all at the same time could make you become temporarily. If you are going through some dietary and life revolutions, try adding one or two little things per a week. Reading healthy diet books, for example, give you a lot of idea but you will be exhausted if you try everything together. Remember, no one should know what you are doing. It's a top beauty secret!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Environ Before & After pictures

I have been asked before & after images by Environ Skin Care, but we, as therapists, are not allowed to post any pictures. However there are some references by Environ's main office in South Africa. Please go here.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Drinking teas with meals

Do you drink teas during or straight after your meals? I think it is quite common to have a cup of tea with a breakfast, or straight after your lunch or dinner. We do this habitually but should know that tannin contained in teas can inhibit iron absorption. Among many nutrients, iron is very important especially for women with child-bearing age. We lose blood every month and also essential for healthy pregnancies. In fact, iron deficiency anaemia can be widespread in women too, chiefly characterised by fatigue or cracks at the corner of mouth. Think about your breakfast - sausages and baked beans - they can be a good source of iron, but having a tea at the same time decreases the amount of iron absorbed in the body. Good iron sources are animal sources such as liver, red meat, chicken and vegetable sources such as tofu, beans and spinach. Iron from animal sources are readily absorbed but you can increase the absorption rate of vegetarian source by eating vitamin C containing foods like broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries and grapefruits at the same time. It is better to have an hour gap between meals and tea time. Try to refrain your tea until your 'afternoon tea' time, or explore non-tannin herbal teas.


Friday, 12 August 2011

A little story of vitamin A

Environ skin care's most important ingredient, vitamin A. The founder Dr. Fernandes even claims that any skin care does not complete without using vitamin A (at one of the IIAA conferences). A simplified explanation on vitamin A property is that it normalises skin cells' DNA function. In our dermis (the deep layer of skin), we have living skin cells with DNA inside, which are gradually dying and push upward towards epidermis. Our skin's any conditions, from a minor (such as dryness) to a serious degree (ie. skin disease, or skin cancer), are on an influence of DNA's order even in the dead skin layer of epidermis. It can be said that DNA determines what type of skin we have, and by nourishing DNA with vitamin A, we are dealing with root causes of any skin issues.

A question I am often asked is that whether a topical use of vitamin A would thin the skin. Yes if vitamin A is in acid form such as Retinoic acid. Prescribed acne treatments commonly contain this form and it is mentioned in the instruction. Thinner skin means thinner epidermis, equals weakened protection from UV. Our epidermis itself does sun screen too. However Environ skin care only uses Retinyl (Retinyl palmitate and Retinyl acetate) and Retinol, which are in fat and alcohol forms respectively. They do opposite, making a skin healthy and thicker. The plumpness diminishes with an increasing age, and vitamin A corrects this by acting on granular layer (stratum granulosum). So you don't need to worry about this type of side-effect. However it is importnat to have a proper consultation to choose the level of creams, because Environ's vitamin A creams are in different concentrations to avoid any retinoid reactions (such as redness or dryness). Vitamin A is a safe vitamin but need a careful introduction in topical applications.



Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Notting Hill Gate today

Are you all ok with yesterday's riot in London? I've heard big bang noise and people shouting outside of my street last night when I was watching news on TV. I thought the sound came from TV by thinking these riot happening in different parts of London. Some restaurants, pubs and shops windows in my street were damaged and police cars and fire engines joined too. I was peeping through the gap between my window shutters, with a fear of being noticed by anyone. Fortunately there weren't any flames or major damage, but all the retailers are cautious about tonight as well. It looks like as we are having Notting Hill Carnival tomorrow!

ロンドンにお住まいの皆様、ご無事ですか。東ロンドンやサリー州などの暴動のニュースを見ている時に、外から聞こえてくる物を壊す音や叫んでいる声などが聞こえてきて、最初はテレビの音かと思いましたが、何と家の窓からも10代位の若い男の子達(30人位)が走りながら棒などを振り回しているのが見えました。レストランやパブ、お店などの窓ガラスが割られていて、パトカーや消防車も出動してましたが、テレビで見るもっと深刻な地域よりは被害が少なく路上で燃えている車などはありませんでした。今日は営業時間の後、今夜に備えてお店が窓に板を貼っています。まるで明日からNotting Hill Carnivalが始まるみたいです。皆様も気をつけて下さいね。

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nutrition & Skin

So how does our nutritional status affect our skin? Eating of super foods or supplements? Unfortunately there are no short cuts! Our skin is one of the last organs to receive the benefit of nutrients. Anything we eat firstly goes to the more important parts of the body such as our heart, stomach etc. The skin is rather a reflection of how healthy we are. Healthy body (& mind) makes beautiful skin, as simple it is. Also it acts like excretory organ by removing any toxins. This is why we often see spots and congestions when we have infection or inflammation. When we use the correct skin care, the skin can receive the nutrients directly from topical application - which is in the way, the quickest delivery of support. However do not forget: if we neglect our health, your effort on everyday skin care spoils its meaning!


Why Environ Skin Care?

I am often asked why I've chosen Environ Skin Care, and my answer is that in my experience, it is the best products around! It helped, of course, that I studied Nutritional Therapy after my beauty training which made me realised how vitamins and other nutrients work in the body. However most of all, I was amazed how knowledgeable Environ's trainers were. When beauty therapists start using new products, they have training from those cosmetic companies, but Environ's were much more higher level than any other companies. I can confidently say so because it was after I got a degree in nutrition. When I was employed by many beauty salons and spas in London before, I had a chance to use the most of all the salon brands, but I have no neglect to choose Environ especially I see many positive results from my clients.


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Hello World!

Hi, I am writing about my beauty & nutritional salon Royka's latest news and topics on natural anti-ageing tips. I hope you enjoy!