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Friday, 30 December 2011

Review on how to eat sushi and sashimi

Last night we went to the end of year party (Bonenkai) at one of the best fish restaurants in Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market. It was really the best in the world!! Sashimi, raw fish slice, was very oily and rich flavour and there was a huge grilled sea bream as well. Here I want to review the concept of raw fish eating in the West. Sushi and sashimi are now known as healthy and low calorie food, and I have seen many women eat them quite often in lunch. Traditionally Japanese eat fresh raw fish at the special occasions such as celebrations or anniversay, although the frequencies increased last 100 year or so. It had been considered as a luxury meal (probably not so much anymore), and actually the secret of Japanese longevity is among simple home cooking which doesn't include raw fish as a everyday food. Yes, eating raw fish can achive low calorie diet - a single portion of sashimi is around 300 to 600 calories -, and also contains many beneficial nutrients such as essential fatty acids (omega-3). However we must know about the risk of bacterial infection. Try purchase from trusted shops and eat the vegetable side portion as well. There is a reason why thinly stripped white radish is accompanied, as it can kill the bacteria. If you prepare raw fish at home, then you should freeze them for at least 2 days before use them (defrosted). Also if you feel unwell, do not eat sushi or sashimi as your immune system might be weaken and can be more susceptible to infection. You are advised not to eat raw fish when you are pregnant as well.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Christmas for everyone!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays. I had a early Christmas dinner this year and already opened all my presents! Thank you Diana, Haroob, Hamza and Zelia. I will be off to Japan soon for a New Year, and will post some photos of Japanese festive season. For them, New Year is like a Christmas, a family day. Stay healthy and beautiful for next year!


Friday, 16 December 2011

Winter nourishment with Hydrating Oil Capsule

How is your skin coping with this cold weather? Are you experiencing extra dryness and dullness? The pressure of maintaining perfect look is increasing when the party season goes on. I would recommend a proper daily care so that we don't have to panick before the big day, but the reality is not always like that. Environ has this lovely pick me up product and gives a great booster treatment. It can be used as an intensive care by using every day for a month, or used as a special care a night before the party. Its anti-oxidant ingredients such as vitamin A, C, E and green tea extract energise and hydrate, its rosemary leaf extract for a lifting, and lastly amazing beta-sitosterol is for skin cells' immune support. It comes as individual oil capsule, so when you open it is always fresh. Use on top of the facial cream before going to bed, and don't forget to cover your neck as well.


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Home made Fermented Foods are good for you!

The other day I visited a lovely little shop called Objects for Use in Shorditch, London and found a great pot to make fermented foods. The picture is a black pot but there are other colours as well. It is from Germany and originally sold as a sauerkraut maker, but according to the shop owner Momoko, we can make anything with it from vegetable pickles, miso to kimchi. Fermented foods have been around from ancient times in all over the world, and they were one of the important food reserves in the winter. With an introduction of the fridge and food preserving techniques we seemed to forget thier significance, but they are very good for us! Generally fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that optimise our intestinal environment. More friendly bacteria meaning less harmful bacteria, leading to build stronger immune system and better digestion & absorption. Moreover they tend to contain active enzymes that helps to break down protein and assist the digestion. Thus Miso and Natto, Japanese fermented soya bean foods, are much easier to digest than simply cooked beans. Also it is much better to make your own sauerkraut as the most of them sold in the shop are pasteurised, so there is no beneficial bacteria left in the products. Anybody know about kimchi sold in the shop? - I would imagine it may be pasteurised too... In terms of miso, you can buy unpasteurised miso from a company called Clearspring.

先日、イーストロンドン、ショーディッチ地区にあるObjects for Useというかわいいお店に伺った時に素敵な発酵食品用のポットを発見したので紹介します。写真は黒ですが、他の色もありました。ドイツ製でザワークラウトを作るポットとして売られているのですが、店主の桃子さんによると、お漬物、味噌やキムチなども作れるそうです。発酵食品は昔から世界各地の家庭で冬の常備食として作られてきましたが、冷蔵庫の普及や食品保存の技術の発達に伴い重要性が忘れ去られてしまった感じです。でも、すごく体にいいものなんです。といっても、伝統的日本食は発酵食品の宝庫で現在でも普段の食卓によく出てきますけどね。発酵食品には善玉菌が含まれていますので、腸内環境を整えます。悪玉菌を減らし、善玉菌を増やすと消化を助けたり、腸内細胞のサポートをするだけではなく、体全体の免疫系も強化します。また酵素も豊富で消化しにくいたんぱく質などの消化を助けます。煮豆よりも味噌や納豆という形で大豆を食べたほうが消化がいいのはこのためですね。またお店で売られているザワークラウトも大抵は殺菌されたものですので、残念ながら善玉菌はほとんど入っていないと考えていいでしょう。味噌は殺菌されていないものを選んで買えば大丈夫です。キムチのことは、わかりませんが、市販されているものはやはり殺菌されているのでしょうか。やっぱり家庭で手作りが一番信用できますね。

Monday, 5 December 2011

Royka Holiday Notice & Winter Special Offer

Royka will be closed on 28th & 30th Dec 2010 and 4th & 6th Jan 2011. I am sorry if this causes your incovenience. I will come back with a little souvenir from Japan for those who visit Royka in Jan 2012!

Please do spread the word of winter special offer too (ending at the last day of Jan 2012):
  • Free 15 mins neck & shoulder massage for Environ facial (any duration).
  • Therapeutic body massage for 25% off.