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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Why acne is formed - in the skin level

Acne can be considered as an disorder of pilosabaceous follicle which is attached to your hair follicle in the skin. There are numerous reasons could lead to a formation acne systematically but in the skin level, there are 4 main causes;

  1. Plugs in the follicle caused by an excessive production of the horny layer (hyperkeratosis).
  2. Increased sebum production by the sebaceous gland.
  3. Bacteria within the follicle and the sebaceous gland.
  4. Inflammation of the area around the sebaceous gland.
Environ products cover all area;
  1. BHA (beta hydroxy acid) contained in Sebuprep & Sebuwash remove excess horny layer that block follicles. Particles of BHA are even smaller than AHA (alpha hydroxy acid).
  2. Vitamin A contained in AVST Cream regulate the DNA's signalling to modulate sebum production.
  3. BHA and tea tree extract contained in Sebuprep, Sebuwash or Sebugel-A reduce bacterial activity.
  4. Colostrum contained in Colostrum Gel or Sebugel-A reduce an inflammation of the area by supporting skin's own defence power.
If above only does not work effectively then supplementation or diet change will definitely need to be looked at. It can take a time to combat adult onset acne, but please do not give it up!

  1. 表皮にあるケラチンの過剰生産もしくは、それによって毛穴や皮脂腺が封じ込められてしまった状態。
  2. 皮脂の過剰生産。
  3. 毛穴や皮脂腺のバクテリアの過剰活動。
  4. 皮脂腺が炎症を起こした状態。
  1. SebuprepやSebuwashに含まれているBHA (beta hydroxy acid)が余分なケラチンを取り除き毛穴のつまりを解消します。
  2. AVST Cream に含まれているVitamin Aが皮脂の生産を調整する。
  3. Sebuprep、Sebuwash、Sebugel-Aなどに含まれているBHAとtea tree成分がバクテリアの活動を抑えます。
  4. Colostrum GelやSebugel-Aに含まれているColostrum(初乳成分)が炎症を毛穴の炎症を抑えます。