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Sunday, 21 August 2011

RAD - innovative sun protection

Environ skin care's sun protection RAD has SPF 15, but it actually exerts higher protection than that. Its inclusion of anti-oxidant nutrients is a big difference to other products. SPFs, UV absorbent additives, are essential ingredients but they could be a little irritant because they are not 'natural' to the skin. This is why some sensitive skin persons have reactions to high SPF creams. While anti-oxidatns are a relatively new concept in protecting the skin from damages by UV rays, vitamin export Environ has this amazing product. Imagine colourful fruits and vegetables. Their colours are full of anti-oxidant nutrients to protect themselves from UV rays. We can do the same to our skin. RAD contains both UV-A and B filters plus vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. I cannot say how much protection we can expect described by SPF figures because it is only applied to UV absorbent, but the Environ trainer suggested somewhere closer to SPF 30. Thus it is recommended to everyone including children who need a high protection during holidays but with less irritating formula.


Sunlight as a friend

Sunlight is not only do harm to our skin but it is essential for our health, if in moderate amount. We know all this but I just want to recap about that... It is well known that a lack of sunlight could cause depression, so called seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight is believed to affect the cognitive function of the brain by regulating serotonin and melatonin hormones. Also it is essential for the formation of vitamin D, that prevents softening of the bones and anti-cancer property. In some natural approach to cancer care, practitioners may recommend vitamin D supplement too. However excess exposure to UV rays is not a good idea. In fact, it could destroy vitamin D as well as affecting skin conditions. We only need minimum 20 minutes of sunlight exposure a day, that is a enough amount for our health. So, do not stay in all day to avoid the sun because of your beauty tactics! Wearing a sun protection and having a normal day (in and out) would give a good amount of sunlight.


UV as a skin enemy

Do you wear a sun protection all year around? That is great. We do need a protection any time and any day. The sun, as you know, irradiates numerous types of waves but most of which are absorbed (in a different degree) by the ozone layer. Our famous enemy UV-A and UV-B rays are not completely absorbed by the ozone layer and directly affect our skin. To make a quick summary of their functions is that they produce free radicals which causes photo-ageing the skin. UV rays attack atoms like billiard to create free electrons, that is why the skin cells become unstable and start behaving differently. Photo-ageing is our typical ageing signs such as wrinkling, laxity, irregular pigmentation but also conditions like dryness and roughness, sallow skin with damaged capillaries, solar comedones (black heads in the oily areas) and solar keratoses (sun spots). It is important to wear sun protection even in the cloudy winter days, because UV-A has a longer wave than UV-B and can penetrate into deeper layer of the skin - leading to DNA damage in the dermis. The amount we get is almost the same all year around because it is poorly absorbed by ozone layer. UV-B makes your skin tan (thus the amount is higher in the summer) but UV-A is there all the time! Be aware!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

To be naturally healthy

I admire people who are effortlessly beautiful, and they are often naturally healthy. Being healthy is a very importnat key for our complexions and looks, but what about so called 'health obsessed'? Many roles and restrictions in diet and lifestyle can lessen the positive outcomes, because of their high stress level. It can be shown in skin conditions and facial expressions. Ok, you do not need to be that kind of person but trying too many changes in your life all at the same time could make you become temporarily. If you are going through some dietary and life revolutions, try adding one or two little things per a week. Reading healthy diet books, for example, give you a lot of idea but you will be exhausted if you try everything together. Remember, no one should know what you are doing. It's a top beauty secret!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Environ Before & After pictures

I have been asked before & after images by Environ Skin Care, but we, as therapists, are not allowed to post any pictures. However there are some references by Environ's main office in South Africa. Please go here.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Drinking teas with meals

Do you drink teas during or straight after your meals? I think it is quite common to have a cup of tea with a breakfast, or straight after your lunch or dinner. We do this habitually but should know that tannin contained in teas can inhibit iron absorption. Among many nutrients, iron is very important especially for women with child-bearing age. We lose blood every month and also essential for healthy pregnancies. In fact, iron deficiency anaemia can be widespread in women too, chiefly characterised by fatigue or cracks at the corner of mouth. Think about your breakfast - sausages and baked beans - they can be a good source of iron, but having a tea at the same time decreases the amount of iron absorbed in the body. Good iron sources are animal sources such as liver, red meat, chicken and vegetable sources such as tofu, beans and spinach. Iron from animal sources are readily absorbed but you can increase the absorption rate of vegetarian source by eating vitamin C containing foods like broccoli, tomatoes, oranges, strawberries and grapefruits at the same time. It is better to have an hour gap between meals and tea time. Try to refrain your tea until your 'afternoon tea' time, or explore non-tannin herbal teas.


Friday, 12 August 2011

A little story of vitamin A

Environ skin care's most important ingredient, vitamin A. The founder Dr. Fernandes even claims that any skin care does not complete without using vitamin A (at one of the IIAA conferences). A simplified explanation on vitamin A property is that it normalises skin cells' DNA function. In our dermis (the deep layer of skin), we have living skin cells with DNA inside, which are gradually dying and push upward towards epidermis. Our skin's any conditions, from a minor (such as dryness) to a serious degree (ie. skin disease, or skin cancer), are on an influence of DNA's order even in the dead skin layer of epidermis. It can be said that DNA determines what type of skin we have, and by nourishing DNA with vitamin A, we are dealing with root causes of any skin issues.

A question I am often asked is that whether a topical use of vitamin A would thin the skin. Yes if vitamin A is in acid form such as Retinoic acid. Prescribed acne treatments commonly contain this form and it is mentioned in the instruction. Thinner skin means thinner epidermis, equals weakened protection from UV. Our epidermis itself does sun screen too. However Environ skin care only uses Retinyl (Retinyl palmitate and Retinyl acetate) and Retinol, which are in fat and alcohol forms respectively. They do opposite, making a skin healthy and thicker. The plumpness diminishes with an increasing age, and vitamin A corrects this by acting on granular layer (stratum granulosum). So you don't need to worry about this type of side-effect. However it is importnat to have a proper consultation to choose the level of creams, because Environ's vitamin A creams are in different concentrations to avoid any retinoid reactions (such as redness or dryness). Vitamin A is a safe vitamin but need a careful introduction in topical applications.



Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Notting Hill Gate today

Are you all ok with yesterday's riot in London? I've heard big bang noise and people shouting outside of my street last night when I was watching news on TV. I thought the sound came from TV by thinking these riot happening in different parts of London. Some restaurants, pubs and shops windows in my street were damaged and police cars and fire engines joined too. I was peeping through the gap between my window shutters, with a fear of being noticed by anyone. Fortunately there weren't any flames or major damage, but all the retailers are cautious about tonight as well. It looks like as we are having Notting Hill Carnival tomorrow!

ロンドンにお住まいの皆様、ご無事ですか。東ロンドンやサリー州などの暴動のニュースを見ている時に、外から聞こえてくる物を壊す音や叫んでいる声などが聞こえてきて、最初はテレビの音かと思いましたが、何と家の窓からも10代位の若い男の子達(30人位)が走りながら棒などを振り回しているのが見えました。レストランやパブ、お店などの窓ガラスが割られていて、パトカーや消防車も出動してましたが、テレビで見るもっと深刻な地域よりは被害が少なく路上で燃えている車などはありませんでした。今日は営業時間の後、今夜に備えてお店が窓に板を貼っています。まるで明日からNotting Hill Carnivalが始まるみたいです。皆様も気をつけて下さいね。

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nutrition & Skin

So how does our nutritional status affect our skin? Eating of super foods or supplements? Unfortunately there are no short cuts! Our skin is one of the last organs to receive the benefit of nutrients. Anything we eat firstly goes to the more important parts of the body such as our heart, stomach etc. The skin is rather a reflection of how healthy we are. Healthy body (& mind) makes beautiful skin, as simple it is. Also it acts like excretory organ by removing any toxins. This is why we often see spots and congestions when we have infection or inflammation. When we use the correct skin care, the skin can receive the nutrients directly from topical application - which is in the way, the quickest delivery of support. However do not forget: if we neglect our health, your effort on everyday skin care spoils its meaning!


Why Environ Skin Care?

I am often asked why I've chosen Environ Skin Care, and my answer is that in my experience, it is the best products around! It helped, of course, that I studied Nutritional Therapy after my beauty training which made me realised how vitamins and other nutrients work in the body. However most of all, I was amazed how knowledgeable Environ's trainers were. When beauty therapists start using new products, they have training from those cosmetic companies, but Environ's were much more higher level than any other companies. I can confidently say so because it was after I got a degree in nutrition. When I was employed by many beauty salons and spas in London before, I had a chance to use the most of all the salon brands, but I have no neglect to choose Environ especially I see many positive results from my clients.