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Friday, 23 November 2012

New Face & Body Kit from Environ

Environ's Christmas gift set was so popular and it became sold out in the middle of Nov! Sorry for those who missed the opportunity. Instead they have launched the new Face & Body Kit for you to keep moisturising your skin during the winter months. It is also a good Christmas gift option as it is safe for first-time users as well.

The kit contains;

AVST Body Oil (100ml)
AVST Hydrating Lotion (100ml)
AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque (50ml) - free of charge!
AVST Body Pamper Pack (20ml Hydrating Lotion, 20ml Body Oil) - free fo charge!

RRP £60

Body Oil contains vitamin A, C & E and excellent for skin rejuvenation including reversing already damaged skin. Hydrating Lotion contains AHA and other moisturising agent to help skin surface smoother and firmer. I love this product because it does really make your rough heels & knees softer. Regular pedicure with removing hard skin doesn't really solve the problem because they often grow back, but this does give a solution. Why don't we prepare for the next summer during this winter? The facial masque is very clever and multi-purpose, as it does cleanse the pores and hydrate your skin. It can be used as a normal mask (apply, leave then wash off) or as a leave on mask over night. You can just apply under your regular face cream before going to bed. Next morning when you wash your face, it cleans the skin really well. Pamper Pack is the perfect holiday kit for these small sizes.

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AVST Body Oil (100ml)
AVST Hydrating Lotion (100ml)
AVST Hydrating Exfolient Masque (50ml) - 無料!
AVST Body Pamper Pack (20ml Hydrating Lotion, 20ml Body Oil) - 無料!

価格 £60

Body Oil はビタミンA、C、Eを含んでいてお肌を若々しくしてくれたり、既にダメージを受けた肌も再生してくれます。Hydrating LotionはAHAや保湿成分を含んでいて、お肌を滑らかにしてハリを出してくれます。これは私のお気に入りでもあって、膝やかかとなどの硬くなったお肌をつるつるにしてくれます。定期的にペディキュアをやっても頑固はかかとのハードスキンは戻ってきますよね。Hydrating Lotionは本当に結果の出るものなので、是非お試しを。冬の間の来夏の準備をするという手もありますね。Hydrating Exfolient Masqueは優秀なマスクで保湿もするし毛穴の汚れも同時にとってくれます。普通のマスクのように15分後に洗い流すのでもいいですし、リーブオンマスクとして一晩おくと、次の朝顔を洗った時に汚れもすっきりします。普段のクリームの下に塗ってください。Pamper Packは小さいサイズなので旅行用に最適ですね。


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Pregnancy stretch mark & Vitamin A

When you enter 12th week of pregnancy, you would start worrying about getting stretch mark. The areas we need to look after are tummy, breast, lower back, outer & inner sides of thigh - don't forget your latter two areas. For those who got stretch mark, more than 75% answered that they got it after 28 weeks of pregnancy but the earliest was 19 weeks! I would recommend to use vitamin A contained body product soon after 12 weeks of pregnancy so that accumulated vitamin A in the skin tissues can give extra prevention rather than start using it later. Before 12 weeks, hydration is still important so use any basic body cream or oil.

The common question being asked is whether it is safe to use topical vitamin A during pregnancy, as oral intake of vitamin A is restricted to avoid unhealthy foetus development. The answer is "safe" with a number of reasons according to Dr Fernandes (Environ's founder)

  • The research showed that vitamin A can be delivered from blood to skin, but hardly at all from the skin to blood. There is osmotic gradient as a matter of fact. Thus topical application of Vitamin A hardly goes into the blood stream.
  • Environ AVST Body Cream, Body Oil and Enhanced Body Oil use retinyl palmitate and retinyl acetate, which cannot cross the placental membrane while retinol and retinoic acid can (although it is only fraction and not considered as harmful).

I say after 12 weeks, not because of the risk of the side effect, but rather making sure to pass first trimester without any extra anxiety (although topical Vitamin A is safe). Therefore if you feel confident then it is ok to use the body product. As you know it already, Vitamin A is one of the most powerful skin nutrients to support skin cell's integrity and prevent any skin tissue damage including stretch mark. If you worry about retinol because a fraction could pass placental membrane, then avoid Environ Retinol 1, 2 & 3 which are additional vitamin A products once you reached to the highest level such as AVST-5 facial cream.

Enjoy your time of this occasion and happy beautiful skin!



  • ビタミンAは血液から肌には移動するが、その逆の肌から血中に行くことはない。なので、肌から与えたビタミンAが血流にいくことは殆どない。
  • エンビロンのAVST Body Cream、Body Oil、Enhanced Body Oilはretinyl palmitateとretinyl acetateを配合していて、これらは胎盤を通り越せない。僅かながらretinolやretinoic acidは通過できる。
12週以降と言ったのは、プロダクトを使うと安全ではないという意味ではなく、不安定な初期の時期に不必要に心配要因を増やさないほうがいいのではといった配慮です。ご自分で大丈夫と思うならば、使っても構いません。ご存知の通り、ビタミンAは肌を強くしてくれ、また肌細胞がダメージを受けるのを最小限にしてくれます。従ってダメージであるストレッチマークも強力に予防してくれます。もし僅かながらでも胎盤を通過してしまうretinol を避けたいのいうのならば、エンビロンRetinol 1, 2 & 3の使用は避けてください。これらは主にフェイシャル用ですが、一番上のレベル(AVST-5 など)に到達している人が更にビタミンAを使いたい場合に使用します。