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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An essence of life - Colostrum

Reduced amount of growth hormone secretion with increasing age is one of the reasons for ageing, but at least we can supplement a support to the activities of growth hormone topically and orally - thank you for Dr. Emile Aucamp, a developer of Environ colostrum products. Colostum is the first milk produced by all mammals and it is essential for early life that the most new-born deprived of colostum will die. It is an essence of life. The composition of colostrum is very complex that it is impossible to be manufactured. They use bovine colostrum because its structures are virtually identical to human counterpart. There are numerous scientific evidences in health benefits including immune support and healing property, thus to help the body to fight against diseases and heal damaged body tissues. For the beauty purposes, colostrum gel promotes growth factors to thicken skin (that mature skin is thinner and lack of plumpness), promotes collagen production, support immune system, heal damaged tissue and give anti-oxidant protection. For an oral colostum capsule, the list goes on from general health and skin support, chronic fatigue syndrome to multiple sclerosis. Both gel and capsule are recommended for anyone over 30 years old for general anti-ageing, especially after menopause with reduced protection of oestrogen. Also it is great for the active acne (for any age) because of its immune support, that will help fighting against bacterial activities.


Beauty sleep

Amazing how much I can sleep here in the beautiful country-side of Sweden. If nothing disturbs me, I can easily sleep all day! We need a good amount of beauty sleep to keep our youthfulness, but what is happening in the body? Deep sleep triggers the release of Growth Hormone (GH) from our pituitary gland, which encourages the growth and repair of all the body cells. Thus for our anti-ageing purposes, GH will be a guard not to get cells damaged, and keeping the skin as much as it used to be or even better with its healing property. As you know GH to make the human body grow in the childhood, but this hormone is still secreted during the adulthood. Unfortunately the amount is falling with the increasing age, and that can be one of the reasons for a loss of muscular tissue and increased risk of heart disease. We should priorities our sleeping time over anything else!

自然に囲まれて時間を気にすることなく生活してみると、自分でも驚く程長時間寝てしまいます。休暇の醍醐味ですね。ビューティースリープは美肌に重要なことは周知の事実ですが、実際からだの中で何が起こっているのでしょう。深い眠りは成長ホルモンの生成と分泌を促します。成長ホルモンは子供のからだを成長させるだけではなく、大人になってからも分泌されていて、細胞の新陳代謝やダメージを修復したりしているため、 アンチエージングに関しても重要なプレイヤーです。健康面でも成長ホルモンの低下により筋肉が落ちてきたり、また心臓病のリスクにもなる可能性があります。今日からあなたの睡眠の時間と質を向上させるための努力を最優先にしてみてください。

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Autumn harvest - Mushroom picking in Sweden

We went to a mushroom picking yesterday in the forest and enjoyed the lovely autumn harvest at our dinner table. What a treat! Great thing was that our friends were great chefs and they cooked very tasty mushroom bruschetta as a starter. I am staying this week at friends' house near the beautiful lake in Sweden, only 40 mins away from the central Stockholm. It is amazing to have a nature so close to you. We picked lots of chanterelle (Cantharéllus tubæfórmis) and black trumpet (Crateréllus cornucopioídes), cleaned with a special mushroom brush then cooked some fresh ones for a dinner. Left of them are being dried for next 3 days, which will intensified the flavour a bit more. It is very common to do mushroom picking for Swedish people, there is a 24 hours mushroom hotline if you have mistakenly picked and eaten poisonous ones, the number is 08-331231.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Collagen Stimulation Therapy AKA dermal rolling

There are rumours about micro-needling or dermal rolling recently but it seems to be long waiting list according to my clients who tried to book their appointments. It is good news that I am starting this treatment from Feb 2012 as well. Until I can talk about it more, see this review here. Environ version is called CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy).

ダーマローラーなどで知られるマイクロニードルのトリートメントが噂になっています。肌の再生力を最大に発揮して、肌を改造していくパワフルなフェイシャルですが、まだまだロンドンでも施術しているサロンが少ないため数ヶ月待ちもざらだそうです。私の顧客の方々も中々予約が取れないと言っていました。実は私も来年2月から取り入れる予定ですが、詳しいことはまた追ってお知らせ致します。エンビロンでは、CST (Collagen Stimulation Therapy)と呼んでいます。実はエンビロンの創設者ドクターフェルナンデスがマイクロニードルトリートメントの第一人者の1人です

Monday, 10 October 2011

Effect of chronic stress

It is unavoidable to feel some degree of stress in everyday life, but we are experiencing more chronic stress than ever compared to our ancestors. A dramatic change of life style in modern era gave us lots of benefit but also numerous side-effects, and among them is chronic stress. Cave men never had to deal with chronic stress so often, instead they only had short term stress to avoid the danger such as running away from the animals. Short term stress can increase the physical and mental performance but not much negative impact on the body as the level of stress hormone come down shorlty after. Our bodies actually haven't been changed much and the evolution is not chatching up to deal with issues associated to modern times. Many adult onset diseases can be said that chronic stress is one of the causes, and the tendency had been increased since the industorial revolution. Prolonged stress (and chronically elevated stress hormones) has an impact on our nervous and endocrine systems directly, and it leads to increased inflammation, reduced immune defense, make blood sugar level unbalanced and disturb healhty hormone balance. It is no good for our skin as well, by unbalancing a whole system - thus it could lead to sudden sensitive conditions, eczema, acne and congestion with increased sebum secretions & bacterial activities, dryness and lastly accelerated skin cell ageing. If you tend to plan busy schedule constantly, try reducing one thing a day. High achievement may be your life goal but I am sure you don't want to look older than your biological age! You can find relaxation tips in many books and media, but I will also talk about that sometime in the future too. Let's priotise the stress management in our everyday life.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Food to focus - Broccoli

Broccoli is low in calories but one of the most nutrient-dense foods such as vitamin C, K, A, folic acid and anti-oxidant lutein. Among those, its notable health highlight has to be indole-3-carbinol and sulphoraphane which are known to exert remarkable anticancer effects, particulary in breast cancer. They increase the excretion of the form of oestrogen (2-hydroxyestrone) linked to breast cancer. Not only for this, but oestorogen dominant is one of the major factors for many hormone related issues, so eating broccoli may help to correct a balance of oestrogen and other sex hormones. Also our skin health is quite influenced by hormone balance and it is important to monitor for our beauty aspect too. Another known property is a liver tonic that promotes detoxification process. We should rank broccoli high for their amazing health promoting nutrients! In terms of anticancer property of broccoli, scientists did find that their protective compounds are found much more in broccoli sprouts. So try broccoli sprouts as well.


Royka Holiday Notice

I am away last week of Oct, and salon will be closed on 26th (Wed) and 28th (Fri) Oct. Sorry for your incovenience. If you need any products, please let me know by 14th Oct so that I can arragne home/ office delivery. Please remember that I do Environ product delivery without delivery charge (if it is UK address), with an initial and follow consultations.