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Thursday, 12 July 2012

New Body Roller

Additional to the facial Cit-Roll, Environ has just launched the Body Cit-Roll (RRP £139). Facial Cit-Roll increases a penetration of active ingredients of beauty products by 4 times more, with creating tiny channels by rolling 0.1mm needles on skin surface. This Body Cit-Roll has 0.2mm needles, because body skin is much thicker than facial skin. Using Roll-Cit gives a maximum effect of home care, and also recommended for people who have no access to Environ's vitamin penetration facial. Our skin has slightly alkaline pH which is necessary for the protection, but that could reduce the degree of penetration into dermis. This new addition would be good news to tackle tummy stretch mark and sun-damaged decollete area!

フェイス用のマイクロニードル (Cit-Roll) に加えてボディー用も新発売となりました (RRP £139)。マイクロニードルを使用することでクリームの有効成分をより効果的に真皮へ届けることができるのですが、これは普通に肌に塗るよりも4倍効果的に浸透させていることになります。フェイス用は0.1mmでしたが、肌の厚いボディー用は0.2mmとなっています。ホームケアで最大効果を出す為に、またビタミン導入フェイシャルを受ける機会のない方へ、お勧めです。お肌はもともと弱アルカリ性で、これは肌を外部の刺激から守ってくれていますが、有効成分の浸透も妨げているのが事実です。ボディー用のローラーを使うことで、出産後のストレッチマークや日焼けしてダメージを受けた胸元などをトリートメントするのにいいでしょう。

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) and break out

I had a few occasions of post break-out after collagen stimulation therapy (CST) with some clients. I wouldn't say they have active acne skin, but have occasional spots around the period cycle. However after CST, the spots they got about a week later were bigger than usual. Why is that? With the training, we were told to be careful with active acne people because it would temporarily stimulate the sebaceous gland's activity, but these were really not the same case... With my question to Dr Fernandes at the conference in London few months ago, it is now solved that mild peeling prior to the CST treatment would prevent the aggrabation of post break-out. I have done this procedure on some clients, and now I am confident to say it worked! Environ is also planning to launch the new CST procedure, special peeling immediately after the CST, but until it is available to us, we can try doing peeling before needling the skin.