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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

New Approach to Peeling

Environ lauched the new home peel kit, LACM Home Peel Kit (RRP £79.95). Peeling is a powerful tool if used correctly, and this product addresses for following:

  • Maintains the results of the in-salon treatment
  • Addresses rosacea, problem skin and photo damage*
  • Protects the epidermis*
  • Gentle yet poweful formulation
  • Promotes the release of growth factors*
  • Aids in the production of collagen for smooth skin
From my presonal opinion, especially 3 points (*) are quite unique as a peeling product. Harsh and strong peeling often take off too much epidemis which eventually increase sun-damage.


LACM Home Peel Kit (RRP £79.95)の効果は下記に期待できます:

  • サロンフェイシャルの効果を持続させる
  • 紅斑性座蒼(アクネ)、トラブル肌全般、日焼け後の肌ダメージを向上させる*
  • 表皮を保護する*
  • 肌には優しい配合だが、効果を約束する配合
  • 成長ファクターの分泌を助長*
  • コラーゲン生成を助け、滑らかな肌にする