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Monday, 27 February 2012

What is the ultimate beauty regime?

We think that much of the skin damage such as lines and wrinkles are due to ageing, but it is not true. Compare your grandmother's face and her tummy skin. The body part where there is the least sun exposure has smooth and soft skin even over 70 or 80 years old. It is considered that around 80-90% of skin ageing is extrinsic, mainly caused by sun exposure (that generates free radicals) and other sources of free radicals such as smoking and lifestyle related. Inadequate nutrients also contribute an increase of free radical activity because of a weakened anti-oxidant defence. Remaining intrinsic reasons are the results of internal waste (free radicals) due to living activities such as breathing or digesting, and a change in cellular activity with an increasing age.

It is now obvious what we should do;
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and wear sun-protection everyday including winter.
  • Reduce oxidants by cutting down smoking, stress, bad diet.
  • Increase anti-oxidant intake by eating or by cosmetic products topically.
To explain another intrinsic factor is a balance between cell repair & building (anabolism) and cell breakdown (catabolism). When we are younger, the skin cells do more anabolism than catabolism, but in later life, catabolism predominates; leading eventually to ageing and loss of function. Can we reverse this balance in aged skin by increasing anabolism activities? Is that possible? Yes there are solutions... Collagen Stimulation Therapy would encourage the power of anabolism and products like Environ's Vitamin A cream, Colotrum gel & Colostrum capsule helps to support repair function. Thus we need lots of anti-oxidants (both orally & topically) and anabolism support treatments to achieve the most youthful skin you can get. Environ's founder Dr Fernandes often says in the conferences that he is not promoting Environ's treatments and products, but he is providing these to us because they are the most effective methods for a healthy skin.


  • 必要以上に紫外線を浴びない。冬でも毎日日焼け止めを使う。
  • 酸化物質の生成を抑える生活をする。タバコをやめて、ストレスをなるべく溜めず、質の悪い食生活をやめる。
  • 抗酸化物質を多く含む食べ物をたくさん食べ、肌からも抗酸化物質を含む成分が配合されているスキンケアを与える。
もう一つ内側からの要素があります。それは細胞活動の”壊す”(異化作用)と”作る・修復する” (同化作用)のバランスです。若い体は同化作用のほうが盛んに行われていますが、年齢を重ねるにつれて異化作用の割合が増えます。その為、体全体が年をとり肌も加齢肌になっていきます。それでは同化作用活動の割合を増やせば、強力なアンチエージングになるのではという結論に達しますね。そんな事可能なんでしょうか?実はコラーゲン促進トリートメントをすると、”修復する・肌細胞を再生する”という力を最大限に引き出してくれるため、この同化作用が活発化します。また、エンビロンのビタミンA配合クリーム、コロストジェルやコロストカプセルなども同じ効果を発揮します。以上のことから、美肌にはたくさんの抗酸化物質の摂取(食事・サプリ・スキンケアから)と細胞の”作る・修復する”活動を活発にしてあげることが必要だとわかりますね。実はこれ、エンビロンで全て可能なのですが、創立者のフェルナンドス医師がよく医学会議で言っています。エンビロンの宣伝をしに来ているわけではなく、本当に効果のある方法をエンビロンスキンケアを通して紹介しているだけだと。

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Add a little spice to your life - Turmeric

Turmeric, a member of ginger family, is a key player of both the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, where it is used as an anti-inflammatory agent internally and externally as poulitices. In the West, the culinary use of turmeric has become more common recently but much of its popularity is owed to the recent scientific study. It is curcumin, turmeric's yellow pigment exerts the great health promoting property. Curcumin is now a popular food supplement component as well. It is found that curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agent. Thus it can be good for rheumatoid arthritis, various cancer such as breast/ skin/ colon/ stomach/ liver, heart disease, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. For healthy people, its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects can be a powerful prevention of future illnesses, as well as maintaining healthy skin cell turnover! When you are not cooking South East Asian, Indian or Mexican foods, turmeric can still be used as a complement when ginger appears in the recipe (they go well together), additional flavour to egg salad to give it an even bolder yellow colour and add a colour and flavour for salad dressing ingredients. Of course, we do need to eat a lot of turmeric if you want to achieve medicinal effect and for that aspect it is better to take remedy or supplement. However it's great to know the benefit of turmeric when you have a meal with this spiece isn't it?


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Keep yourself warm with half body bath

It is very cold recenlty and I feel my legs and feets are frozen when I come from outside. If your body is so cold then putting more clothes or raising a temperature of the radiator doesn't really help. The best solution is simply to warm yourself in the bath! Japanese loves having a bath and we do that almost every night, but this is not very common in UK. I suppose a difference in bathroom structure making it more difficult to do that so often in the West. In Japan, a whole family share the bath tub's hot water (more ecomonical) after they wash body outside of the bath tub. Bathroom itself is a one big water resistance room and have a shower head attached outside of bath tub. Anyway, it is still recommended to keep your body warm with a bath, especially half body bath is great. Half body bath is to put the lower half of the body in warm water until the whole body is warm. So not reclining but sit up, so that warm water can cover up to your waist. It will take 20-30 mins before your body really feel warm, probably good to spend time reading a book. There is no temperature monitoring system attached to the bath tub here like Japan, so if the water is getting colder, add a litte hot water to adjust the temperature to a bit more than body temperature like 38-40 degree.

What half body bath do?
  • With the earth's gravity and sedentary lifestyle, our body fluid movement thought to be a bit stagnated in the lower part of the body (although I don't have any scientific evidence). By having the lower part of body in warm water gives a pressure to raise body fluid to upper body.
  • Basal metabolic rate is seen increased thus it could help for weight loss.
  • Pores are opened with a long bath time so that it helps to clean your skin properly.
  • In general, body's metabolism can be improved with water pressure and warm temperature, so that it is beneficial for health and beauty.
Why don't you try once or twice a week having half body bath? It also gives you a private relaxing time as well!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) - countdown!

I am starting Environ's Collagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) from the beginning of the March 2012, and will update my website soon. Meanwhile, please read about it on IIAA's website, Environ's UK distributor. You can also see the amazing before & after photos. It is really the best skin care around in the industory at the moment if you want to achieve the highest goal of skin rejuvenation. You can book for a free consultation in Feb to find out and prepare for the treatment as well. Environ's another advanced facial called vitamin penetration facial is also a very powerful one, but we can talk about both at our meeting...

エンビロンの画期的なフェイシャルCollagen Stimulation Therapy (CST) を来月3月から導入します。現在美容界では最も効果が期待できるパワフルなトリートメントの一つと言えます。Roykaのウェブサイトもアップデートを予定していますが、とりあえず情報を探している方は英語ですがエンビロンの英国ディストリビューターのページにありますのでご覧ください。2月中でも無料コンサルテーションを予約して頂ければ、お会いしてきちんと説明することが出来ますので、どうぞお気軽に。エンビロンのもう一つのアドバンスフェイシャル、ビタミン導入フェイシャルと共にどちらをお選びになるかなどもお話できます。

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Environ's great Feb offer !

We are doing a great special offer for Feb 2012. If you purchase AVST Cleansing Lotion, AVST Moisturising Toner and AVST cream (any level), you will receive a free C-Quence Eye Gel (worth 46 pounds). C-Quence series are the most powerful anti-ageing products from Envionr and I have a very good feedback from clients. The order only taken by the end of Feb 2012. You can meet me at the salon or pick up from the reception, or I can send them with a free of charge within UK address. If it is abroad, postal fee will be shared with me. Hurry up before the stock ends!

2月中は基礎化粧品一式が揃うスペシャルオファーをやっています。とってもお得なので、お見逃しなく!AVST Cleansing Lotion, AVST Moisturising Toner & AVST cream (any level) というクレンジング、トナー、クリームをご購入するとエンビロンの人気商品C-Quence Eye Gel が無料でついてきます。C-Quenceシリーズはエンビロンの中でもアンチエージング力が一番上のもので、とても良い感想を頂いております。サロンまでお越しか、もしくはご自宅・オフィスまで英国内でしたら送料無料で送っております。また海外の場合は送料を半分負担していただきます。在庫がなくなる前にお早めに!