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Friday, 11 January 2013

Introducing Cool Peel Facial

I have started a new facial and already recieving good feedbacks. It is a very unique peeling facial using lactic acid, which is much gentler and safer application than conventional peelings. We often hear about the side-effects of peelings, especially with a repeated use, such as aggravation of acne condition, thinning of skin epidermis layer or pigmentation due to post peeling sun-damage. However there is nothing to worry about these with this Cool Peel Facial! In fact, it assists to thicken your skin and promote hydration too. Sounds different compared to other peelings isn't? See detail here.

Cool Peel Facial (1hour-1hour 15mins) £65


クールピールフェイシャル (1時間ー1時間15分)£65

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Peeling? or Vitamin A?

Peeling facial is a popular choice and there are also many cosmetic products containing AHA and other acid ingredients. It claims to improves radiance, sterlise and cleanse the skin and reduce lines and wrinkles. Have you thought peeling facial or product over your vitamin-A skin care? If you are not sure, do not drop your vitamin-A treatment because it is the essential nutrient for healthy skin. In fact, it is good to have peeling agent such and vitamin A in conjunction, as acid facilitates the absorption of the vitamins by dissolving the glue between the horny layer cells. This ‘glue’ is made up of the proteins that were originally within the epidermal cells and were altered while the cells died. By dissolving the glue, the vitamins are transported through the horny layer into the deeper layer of the skin.