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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Natural Sun Block - vitamins

Sun is getting stronger these days (but I don't complain about the nice weather!). Are you properly protecting your skin from UV rays? Most of cosmetic brands' sun block have UV-A and UV-B protection nowadays, which is the basic essential. However there is also additional protection you can add with a very safe way - which is topical vitamins. Vitamin A and C are quite powerful sun block, and Environ's AVST-4 and AVST-5 creams exert about the same protection as SPF 20. Also those vitamins can block UV-A as well. As you know, SPF figures are only indicated for UV-B. SPF sun filtes have to be a chemical additives and you may experienced high SPF (such as SPF 40) caused you a skin irritation - which is only normal. If it is possible to reduce SPF score by adding safe topical vitamin cream, it is the best solution for your skin health! Luckily darker skin type have naturally high sun protection - such as SPF 14 for Black African skin and SPF 6 for Asian skin.

最近イギリスでもようやく日差しが強くなってきましたが、日焼け対策は万全ですか。どこのコスメティックブランドからも日焼け止めクリームと言えばUV-A, UV-B予防というのが定番ですが、更に紫外線カットをする方法をご存知ですか。お肌に与えるビタミンAとCは、結構強力な紫外線カットの力があります。緑黄色野菜を思い浮かべてください。土の上で太陽をたくさん浴びている色の濃い野菜たちは皮にビタミンをたくさん蓄えることで紫外線から身を守っています。エンビロンのビタミン配合クリーム、特に配合分量の多いAVST-4やAVST-5のレベルになると、それだけでSPF20くらいの威力があります。うれしいことにこれらのビタミンはUV-AとUV-B両方をブロックすることが出来ます。皆さんご存知のようにSPFとはUV-Bをカットする力のみを示すものですが、SPFは肌に負担のある化学物質になりかねません。なので、SPF40など高いプロテクションのクリームで肌がかぶれたと言う人も多々いますよね。もしビタミンAとCを肌に与えることでSPFの数値を無理やり上げなくても肌へのUVプロテクション力をアップ出来るならば、とてもいいニュースだと思いませんか。色素の濃い肌、例えば黒人の肌にはもともとSPF14の防御力があり、インド人の肌はSPF6あるそうです。だから滑らかはお肌の人が多いですよね。

Friday, 11 May 2012

Why green tea is good for you?

Both green and black tea are derived from the same plant, Camellia sinensis. Timing of leave picking and process after the harvest make same tea leaves into different kinds of tea. To produce black tea, the leaves are allowed to oxidise. During oxidation, enzymes in the tea leaves convert polyphenols into substances with much less biological activity. In contrast, green tea retains its polyphenol intact because its process of steaming prevents the enzymes from converting polyphenols - thus no oxidation at all. Blue tea such as oolong tea is partially oxidised, so it is understood as between green and black. White tea is still green tea but the leaves are very young and buds are unopened. It uses steaming process, but it tastes sweeter than green tea and is very low in caffeine.

To choose tea for a health reason, green tea is the best due to significantly high contents of free polyphenols. Those polyphenols are anti-oxidants and numerous research showed that it is cancer preventative. Green tea is also a great source of vitamin K, an important nutrient for bone health. We should, however, need to monitor the amount of green tea consumption if you are on the blood thinning medication such as Wafarin. It may reduce the effectiveness of the drugs.

Ok so if green tea is good for you, then can we drink a lot? You can, probably more than black tea, but we also need to aware about the caffeine content of green tea. Below is the example of caffeine contents of teas;

Espresso (60ml)        60-90mg 
Drip coffee (170ml)  60-180mg
Black tea (170ml)     25-100mg
Oolong tea (170ml)  12-55mg
Green tea (170ml)     8-16mg

Remember not to use boiling water for green tea brew, it will give a bitter taste. Exact temperature would be different depending on the type of green tea in strictly speaking, but easy way is to leave 1-2 minute after boiling. Also infuse only a short time and enjoy your cup of tea!




エスプレッソ(60ml)    60−90mg
ドリップコーヒー(170ml) 60−180mg
紅茶(170ml)       25−100mg
ウーロン茶(170ml)    12−55mg
緑茶(170ml)       8−16mg

Friday, 4 May 2012

Collagen Stimulation Therapy - Before & After

Environ provided before & after photo of Collagen Stimulation Therapy. You can see them here. The result on the upper arm of 65 years old is especially amazaing, but this teaches us that follow up home care with vitamin A, C and cosmetic roll cit enahnced the improvement. Collagen Stimulation Therapy encourages skin's own collagen production, and to make the result maximised we need vitamin A to support growth factor activitiy and vitamin C to assist collagen production. Environ's ingredients are there for the reason...


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Environ Ionzyme DF machine

Environ's facial uses Ionzyme DF machine to enhance maximised penetration of active ingredients into the dermis. The device is a patent-pending machine designed by Dr Fernandes, but what is so special? As you may know but galvanic or ultra-sound salon treatments are common methods, but Dr Fernandes had developed much superior machine than conventionally available beauty equipments, back in 1999.

Ionzyme DF machine's features;

  • Sonophoresis (ultra-sound): Most commonly available machine use 1MHz but research had shown that better penetration of skin occurs best at lower sound frequencies. This devise uses 1MHz to 3MHz. Compare between generally used ultra-sound and sonophoresis, its efficiency of penetration is 200% better and 400% better than topical application respectively.
  • Iontophoresis (electric current): There is flexible setting either continuous current of intermittent current, to adjust the needs.
The main feature is actually the combination of both sonophoresis and iontophoresis, which is not seen in the other similar type of machine. Our skin has a natural barrier that can prevent skin cream's active ingredients to be delivered to the deeper layer, but the benefit of having a facial is that Ionzyme DF machine can enhance penetration to 4,000 times better with sohophoresis and 400 times better with iontophoresis than topical applications. A combination of those even enhance each other's efficiency, so that the facial become very powerful. Phew! 

エンビロンフェイシャルでは独自のIonzyme DF machineを使いますが、この機械は美容界の中でも特別な存在です。フェルナンデス医師が開発し、1999年にお目見えしました。サロントリートメントでは電流や超音波を使ったものをよくみますが、このIonzyme DF machineとは何が違うのでしょうか。
  • 低周波の超音波:従来の超音波の機械は1MHzを採用していますが、ある科学者のリサーチのよってもっと低周波の超音波のほうがお肌深部へ浸透させる力に優れていることがわかりました。そこで、Ionzyme DF machineでは1MHzから3MHzのものを使っています。何と、1MHzの従来の機械が普通に肌に塗るよりも200倍効果的に肌へ浸透させる力があるのに対して、Ionzyme DF machineは4000倍効果的です。
  • 電流:断続的または継続的な電流に設定出来、ニーズに細かく対応できるようになっています。
何と言っても大きな特徴は、低周波超音波と電流の二つが同時に使用できるということでしょう。それによってお互いの効果がさらに助長されます。お肌にはバリア機能があり、普通に肌にクリームを塗った場合深部まできちんと届くのは実はほんの一部です。しかし、フェイシャルでIonzyme DF machineによって肌深部まで効果的に浸透させることによって、普通に肌に塗るよりも超音波では4000倍、また電流では400倍効果的に届けることができます。嘘みたいな数字ですが、これが科学者の研究結果なのです。