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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Environ, 24 years since established

Environ is 24 years old since the company commenced their business in 1990. Its launch in UK was a bit later and reputation grew rather slowly by a word of mouth and by recommendation, so many people are surprised that it had been around quite a long time. I think, in a way, this was a better way to establish their own stance in the beauty market as they are really one of the true cosmeceutical brands. The founder Dr. Fernandes's topical endeavour had started back in 1983, making vitamin creams in his kitchen after tragic incidence of losing his young skin cancer patients. Initially he focused on vitamin A's effect on skin cancer prevention, which was then extended to anti-ageing of skin. So for people with fair skin, Environ's AVST creams are not only for your beauty purposes but also good for skin cancer prevention. Environ's website is demonstrating their history here, have a look!